Pop Pop's Cheesesteaks

Pop Pop's Cheesesteaks


Pop Pop was my family’s name for my grandfather growing up in West Chester, PA. A smaller suburb of Philadelphia. While growing up I enjoyed going out to lunch with my Pop Pop. My favorite thing to order was a cheesesteak with fries and being so close to Philly they were good cheesesteaks. I wanted to create a brand around this memory and honor my Pop Pop and also delicious Philly cheesesteaks.


I set out to create a brand that would achieve my goal. I started by choosing to make Pop Pop’s a food truck brand operating in my new home San Diego, CA. There are not many places to get a cheesesteak in San Diego. However, I don’t think it’s because of a lack of demand, San Diegans love their meat and cheese combos too (California Burrito)! The “edible” color palette and Philly slang copywriting paired with a custom icon system creates a recognizable style that differentiates from the competition.


03/2020 to 04/2020


Branding & Packaging


Branding &
Packaging Design


Working adults ages 25-40 median income.


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop


Candice Lopez &
Bradford Prairie

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